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Do you have a good SEO or advertising campaign and still struggle to get conversions? Are you drawing prospective customers to your website in droves, but not seeing the traffic translate to sales? Many businesses face this problem, and they need help from professionals who specialize in conversion rate optimization. At Identity Creative Group, we offer expert CRO services and can take your campaign to the next level.


Why Is Your Conversion Rate Low?

When a client comes to us with issues with conversion rates, our first step is to determine the root cause of the problem. Our CRO experts conduct a thorough audit of your website and marketing campaign.

We see how you make your brand visible, target customers, bring them to the website, sell products, and convert prospects to sales. An in-depth understanding of your website performance and sales funnel helps us understand the problem.

There are several reasons behind low conversion rates, and they include:

  • The website isn’t user-friendly.
  • Campaigns are targeting the wrong people.
  • The site isn’t optimized for mobile or search engines.
  • Images and graphics are poor, especially product images.
  • Website copy isn’t impressive, informative, or well-written.
  • There are many distractions on the page.
  • There’s no clear CTA.
  • The checkout process is long and convoluted.

What’s Included In Our Conversion Rate Optimization Services?

We aim to use every strategy and technique available to us to improve the conversion rate. Does the website need optimization? Our web designers can handle it. Poor SEO? Our marketing experts will optimize the campaign. We have a team of experts who can tackle all CRO challenges.

Here’s a look at what we do:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of the website. We check things like speed, navigation, content quality, design and graphics quality, mobile performance, user-friendliness, and much more.
  • Examine the search query intent to see if you are targeting the right audiences. It is essential to understand user intent and optimize marketing campaigns accordingly
  • Check the landing page for flaws and design errors. A landing page is often the first page people see when they click on an ad. We scrutinize it to determine whether it is impressive and compelling enough.
  • Assess the value proposition to determine whether it is impactful. Does it sell your products or services effectively? Does it highlight what makes you stand apart from others?
  • Walkthrough the checkout or contact us process to understand how user-friendly it is. Our experts take note of areas that can be improved for better results.
  • Check the CTA to ensure it is clear and stands out on every page.
  • A/B test vital aspects of the website like the CTA buttons, homepages, landing pages, etc., to assess their performance.
  • Conduct a thorough Google Analytics review to look at things like traffic, bounce rates, session times, origin points, etc.

Once we have all the information needed, we can go about fixing the issue. Our experts optimize web pages, improve website copy, and check marketing campaigns. We will use techniques like SEO, PPC, website and graphic design, content creation, etc. to make sure your online presence is impactful.

All optimizations are purposeful and carefully planned to improve the conversion optimization rate significantly. Experts will use proven techniques and reliable analytics tools to get the best results.

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