Reputation Management

Good Reviews Can Help Any Growing Business

Modern customers are tech-savvy and have information at their fingertips. They can search the company name online, look at ratings or reviews, and then decide whether the establishment is worth their time and money.

Your online reputation is critical in such a market. Even a few bad reviews and ratings can hurt your business’ revenue and cause long-term loss. At Identity Creative Group, we provide expert reputation management services to help you recover from negative feedback.


Why Is Reputation Management Necessary?

Reputation management is the process of gaining favorable reviews, responding to negative feedback, repairing your reputation, and other similar solutions. These strategies help bring in more converting customers, and companies develop a strong base.

Here are some reasons why you need expert reputation management:

  • According to Spiegel Research Center, around 95% of modern shoppers read online reviews before they commit to a purchase.
  • If a business doesn’t have any feedback from clients, prospective customers are less likely to trust it.
  • Around 41% of consumers believe a company cares about them if they respond to reviews.
  • Customers become suspicious if the company has no negative reviews and has a perfect image.

Reputation management requires skill, planning, and a careful approach. It is easy to make a mistake and become viral for all the wrong reasons. As experienced professionals in the field, we understand how to take a brand to the next level and ensure it has an enduring good reputation.

How Does Reputation Management Work?

There are many aspects to this process. We develop a customized plan based on the business’ requirements and priorities. For example, a new business’s priority is to gain reviews, especially positive ones.

For new companies, we focus on things like sending follow-up emails, providing easy access to review platforms, and holding social media campaigns to encourage feedback.  If the company has a well-established presence but a lot of bad reviews, we focus on balancing things out. We encourage customers to share their positive experiences and increase the number of good reviews to push back negative feedback.

Our team addresses the most recent negative reviews and offer effective resolutions to clients. Customers are more willing to trust companies that respond to negative feedback with an honest effort to make things right. We consider all factors and scrutinize your marketing campaigns to find the flaws that generate negative feedback. Our experts then come up with a plan to help your company tackle them.


Reputation Management Services

Online Reputation Repair

Our experts look at all of the negative reviews to understand their cause. Do clients have an issue with the staff? Do they dislike the website? Are they displeased with the product? Understanding the reason for their dissatisfaction helps us come up with the right solution.

Online Reputation Monitoring

Quick action is necessary when it comes to reputation management. For example, if your company is trending on social media for all the wrong reasons, you need to address it before the situation can escalate. We set up a system that helps you monitor your online reputation regularly so you can act without delay.

Online Review Management

We build a system that helps you gain more positive and manage negative reviews. The system is automated and doesn’t require much input from you.

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