With all the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, many businesses have either shifted to having their employees work remotely or have been forced to shut down temporarily and work from home.  Gallup finds that 43% of U.S. employees work remotely some or all of the time, and these new circumstances leave many small business owners working out of the office and separate from their teams for the first time.

Quarantines, cancellations, and the need to work from home have greatly increased the demand for video and chat software that allows people to try and maintain some sort of business as usual.

At Identity Solutions most of our team already works remotely and from home. In this article we hope to give our customers and partners some insight into the tools we use or like that can help you be productive through this challenging time.

Communication Tools

  1. Slack
  2. Zoom
  3. Skype
  4. Microsoft Teams
  5. Facetime
  6. Google Meet

File Management Tools / Cloud Storage

  1. Google Drive
  2. Dropbox
  3. Microsoft One Drive

Password Managers for Teams

  1. 1Password
  2. Lastpass
  3. Dashlane

Project Management / Todo list

  1. Click Up
  2. Todoist
  3. Teamwork
  4. Trello
  5. Asana
  6. Airtable – Spreadsheet-Database Hybrid Project Management Tool

Screen Recording Tools

  1. Loom

Scanner Apps –  All available in the app store of your phone

  1. Microsoft Office Lens
  2. Adobe Scan
  3. CamScanner

In response to this new normal many companies are offering their software at a discount or even free in some cases. This is an early list and we are certain as time goes on more companies will jump in to help out.

Below is a sample of the growing list of companies offering free or discounted solutions.

  1. Microsoft
  2. Google
  3. Loom
  4. LinkedIn – Learning Series

While this list of apps and companies are just a small sample of whats out there we encourage you to look and think outside the box but would urge you to do your research. We all are uncertain as to how long this is going to last so choose wisely and choose something that can truly help your company. If you have questions or need assistance implementing any of these please feel free to call or email us.