There are so many companies these days utilizing the internet as a marketing resource that you need to really understand what your goals as a company are. It’s not good practice to look at the competition and copy what they are doing you need to focus on what is a positive strategy for your company.

What is the main purpose you have a website:

Leads: I speak to people every day that tell me their goal is to acquire leads from their site but yet they only have 1 contact form and the phone numbers are difficult to find. Consider a significant call to action strategy. Why would we not put a contact form on every page and your phone number and email address in bold both on the header and footer of your site? We need potential clients to be able to contact us anytime and anywhere they see something that motivates them.

Ecommerce: This is a different animal as traditional websites are more about information, ecommerce sites are about products and user experience. Here you have to make sure the site is easily searchable and that the site is easy and safe to buy from. Using the right ecommerce application will also allow for you to cross sell on certain pages and moving forward add a social component to your site, with facebook having over 500 million users social is definitely something that needs to be considered.